Tulsi Fire-Hose Reel  NTI-FAHRD-TFHR

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Tulsi Fire-Hose Reel  NTI-FAHRD-TFHR

  • \Compact,Flexible & Light weight
  • \Low Friction Loss
  • \Ability to withstand high operating & back pressure

Hose : Thermo Plastic Hose Pipe

Conforming Specification : IS:12585, TYPE-2, ISI Marked
Application : This Thermo Plastic Hose is used for water delivery in Fire-Fighting Purpose.


Lining: A flexible Thermoplastic lining, smooth in bore.
Reinforcement : A Natural or Synthetic Testile
Reinforcement Cover : A flexible thermo plastic cover, which may have a smooth or fluten finish as agreed to between the supplier and purchaser. The colour may different from that of the lining.
Standard Length : 30 Mtrs & 36 Mtrs
Nominal Bore(ID) : 10.00 mm to 50.00 mm