Manufacturers Of Fire Equipments

M/s. Neha Tech Industries incorporated in year 2013 is engaged in manufacturing and supplying of Fire Fighting Products.

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We offer the Best Fire Equipment Solutions as per your requirement.



M/s. Neha Tech Industries incorporated in year 2013 and is engaged in manufacturing and supplying of Fire Fighting Products. Company has implemented quality management system ISO: 9001 – 2008 & CE which is certified by QSI (INDIA) Certification services.

Widest Spectrum of Best Quality Products

Tulsi Fire offers the widest spectrum of quality products to fulfil the requirements of Fire Fighting Industries and sustained a good position in its product line.

latest Technology Machineries and Laboratory

We house the best of modern technology and highly efficient machines producing premium quality Hydrants, Nozzles, Branch Pipes, Hoses etc.


Our Product Applications

The products are manufactured with outmost precision in the the most advanced lab using latest technology machinery. The products can be used in various sectors such as Petro Chemicals and Refineries, Power Plants, Building and Construction, server Rooms, Hangars and Airports, Industrial Application and many more

Petro Chemicals and Refineries

Petro chemical & refineries are the upper stream Industries. A refinery is composed of a group of chemical engineering unit processes and unit operations used for refining certain materials or converting raw material into products of added value.

Hangars and Airports

The high value of military aircraft’s means, strict operational procedures during maintenance and testing. However, there is still a fire risk.

Server Rooms

The flaming fire is produced, when the overheated component is left unchecked. A flaming fire can then start which can quickly spread and present a danger to nearby equipment and even the building itself.

Power Plants

Electricity is a fundamental energy that relates to the national policy and peoples livelihood and its also the life vein of the national economy. Tulsi Fire is committed to protect such important national property by providing efficient fire protection system to ensure safety

Building & Construction

Life is Valuable, Fire is Merciless. In construction, Tulsi Fire Industry goal is to provide an optimum combination of improved fire protection. We tailor our services to meet your specific needs, which can be as comprehensive as oversight, of a projects.

Industrial Application

The fire risks normally involve accidental release of hydrocarbon liquids onto hot surfaces or overload in electric apparatus.

Inside View

Let us take you inside our Factory to show you how each product is made.


Tulsi Fire always believes to produce quality products for our valued customers.

At Tulsi Fire, when it comes to fire protection of people and property, there is no scope for errors because we believe it is our responsibility to be the good steward of safety.

As a part of our quality policy, our fire equipment meets the ISO 9001:2008 guidelines and we are accredited by numerous national regulatory bodies for the remarkable quality of our work. At each phase of production our quality control, personnel rigorously test and examines the performance and durability to present our customers with the finest portfolio of products.

Save Live

We believe in manufacturing products that save lives in the eventuality of a fire.

Secure Quality

Providing our customers with the best quality products is what we strive for.

Serve On Time

Our timelines are sacred to us and we make sure we deliver at promised time.